The inBranch Transact product is a full service relationship-centric branch system that interacts to any back office system. It promotes staff efficiency, customer relationships, and sales opportunities through a clever use of presentation logic, work flow and good design.

Branch staff are supported with process automation and functions that reduce errors, decrease processing time, and automate tedious tasks. This approach can be used to track the goals and output of the staff in the branch, and different organisational levels.

This product is designed to integrate into any core product or back office system, allowing the client the opportunity to choose the best of breed solution for each constituent of the overall bank solution.

inBranch Transact is built on inBranch Platform (a framework built on open source technologies) and is pre-integrated with inBranch Check21 (teller capture module), inBranch Devices (thin client connectivity to all branch devices), and inBranch Engage (light weight CRM and work-flow engine). However if your institution already has similar systems, inBranch Transact will be able to interact with their services accordingly.

Main Functions

  • Start-, End-of-day Processes
  • RBAC
  • Cash Management
  • Secondary Authorization
  • Negotiable Instrument Batching
  • Branch Business Intelligence
  • Device Integration
  • Multi Lingual
  • Multi Currency
  • Branch Configuration Options
  • Audit and Research Logs
  • Full and Reduced Service
  • Complete Customer View
  • Improve Relationships
  • Cash Check
  • Deposit
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Funds Transfer
  • Internal Transfer
  • Withdrawal
  • Bond Inquiry
  • Issue Cashier Check
  • Certificate Withdrawal
  • Shared Branch Transaction
  • VISA Gift Card
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfer
  • Dodd-Frank Enabled
  • IRA Summary
  • IRA Accumulator Details
  • IRA Deposit/ Withdrawal
  • HSA Deposit / Withdrawal
  • Suspend and transfer transactions and sessions
  • Integrated teller capture Check 21
  • Asset Management (keys, safety deposit boxes etc.)

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Designed For Mobile and Tablet

Branch Analytics

Integrated Check21 Teller Capture

Relationship Centric Interface

Customer Homepage - personal, account, sales opportunities and interactions