InBranch Platform is a Java-based technology platform that supports the flexible component-based architecture of inBranch Transact, inBranch Kiosk and inBranch Engage products.

The platform simplifies adoption of a wide range of devices, including PCs, tablets, cell phones, printers, check readers, and PIN pads through the use of inBranch Devices.

In addition, it provides the security, audit, and monitoring functions required by a robust, secure, and scalable financial transaction processing system.

The platform is designed to integrate to any number of core or ancillary systems, using web services and messaging technologies.

Main Functions

  • Provides the application security standards required by Banks.
  • Provides audit records for compliance, research, and performance management.
  • Role Based Access Control for ease of user management.
  • Java Open standards means that resources can be found in the open market to support the application: there is no specialist coding language needed.
  • Supports asynchronous transactions.
  • Uses the latest Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) standards for integration into 3rd party systems for B2B and B2C usage.
  • Database agnostic: the Platform connects to any enterprise database such as DB2 and Oracle.
  • Channel Communication Standards: provides standards for browser based user interfaces (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc), as well as to mobile phones.
  • Supports browser integration to bank peripherals: scanners, pin pads etc
  • Shared devices between users (e.g. cash recycler), reduces the cost of the branch footprint.
  • Performance tuned in IBM labs.
  • Localization and Internationalization support.
  • Provides common business services such as: Business Intelligence, Business Process Modeling (BPM), Business Rules Engine, Secondary Authorizations.
  • Pluggable components allows financial institutions plug in their own previously implemented components (e.g.Authentication).