The inBranch Kiosk product offers a rich customer facing interface to a financial institution’s branch interactions. The key differences between this approach and other customer channels is the augmented capabilities that enable customers to directly interact with cash recycler, coin dispenser, scanners, printers, card reader, pin pad, check reader and touch screen. Uniquely the customer’s self service interaction is supported locally or remotely by bank staff who can monitor customer activity, approve exceptional transactions and be called for assistance when required.

The customer can drive the transactions that would ordinarily be undertaken by the branch staff, however, if the customer wishes to perform a transaction that requires a staff member to approve it, such as a transaction above threshold amounts, or one that requires a verification of a secondary piece of identification, the staff members’ tablet interface can be used to approve the customers’ requests. As the Kiosk application is part of the Branch network, rather than the ATM network, Antuar’s Kiosk can access more information and provide more functionality than an ATM based kiosk.

The tablet interface is used to monitor the status of the kiosks in a branch. Alerts for customer assistance requests are sent to the tablets and the users are presented with contextual information about the customers and the transactions being attempted. That information can also identify sales opportunities, and personalized offers for the customers.

Staff-assisted service provides a way to merge many of the transactions that are performed by a teller, online and via self-service, into one interface; but with staff assistance always available, as and when required. Utilizing staff-assisted service also helps bank branches manage customer transactions more quickly and efficiently, and enables staff to dedicate more time to sales opportunities and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

inBranch Kiosk is delivered on a customer facing tablet. Financial institutions can offer business processes depending on the devices connected. Choice’s range from no devices to a fully automated kiosk with receipt printers, statement printers, check scanners, cash recyclers, coin dispensers, bar code readers, NFC readers, document scanners etc. such as the Glory Global Solutions TellerInfinity.

Implementing inBranch Transact with Kiosk means that users can also use the Transact interface as well as the Kiosk tablet application to view and approve customer transactions. InBranch Kiosk and inBranch Transact use the same interfaces to the core systems, so integration effort can be shared.

Main Functions

  • Fewer branch employees while still offering full service
  • Increased service and sales opportunities
  • Customer cash automation without having to connect through the ATM network
  • Higher value transactions than ATMs
  • More complex transactions than at ATMs
  • Customer controlled business processes with device interaction
  • Speedy processing of negotiable instruments
  • Improved audit controls
  • Improved management of devices

Product Images

Designed For Mobile and Tablet

Relationship Centric Interface

Audit Control

View of all Kiosks

Relationship Centric Interface

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