The inBranch Devices Module allows browser based applications to communicate with the branch devices that augment the inBranch Transact service being provided at the branch. As the branch footprint is being redesigned to become more open and fluid, the devices do not need to be tied to the touch point with the customer. This product allows tablets and browser based application connect to branch peripherals (pin pads, scanners, cash and coin machines/recyclers, printers, etc.) even from non teller queue branch footprints.

This means that you can connect to multiple devices from a single location and to a specific device from multiple points. This is especially useful for non teller queue branch footprints and for drive up servicing.

Main Functions

  • Connects browser based applications to physical devices
  • Platform independent service installation
  • Connect applications to multiple devices
  • Connect multiple applications to the same device
  • Encapsulate all drivers in one installation
  • JPOS interface over Windows service
  • Application independent: can be used by any third party application