InBranch Check21 delivers negotiable instrument teller capture and processing at transaction time while providing access to integrate directly into the financial transaction process.

The product is also available as a stand-alone application with minimal integration into existing Teller platforms.

This reduces the error rates by allowing proofing at transaction time before the financial transaction is submitted.

The product stores the check details in open format, there are no bespoke file formats used allowing access to other system to the check data and meta-data.

Check details are stored on the server in a database, so there is no need to have shared drives or branch servers.

Read this case study to see how one client attributed benefits to this product.

Main Functions

  • True headless solution
  • Image capture and proofing at transaction time
  • Automatic check detail validation
  • Duplicate checking
  • Database storage: no network file movements
  • Open format storage
  • Web service access to the check details
  • Less data entry
  • Reduced transaction time

Product Images