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Your Branch and the Internet of Things

  • May, 2014

The internet of things will be all pervasive in our lives as devices become more intelligent. According to Silicon Valley Bank the Internet of Things offers the promise of enormous socio-economic benefits, but the providers of innovation capital will continue to proceed cautiously until use cases evolve into compelling business cases. Do those use cases exist in the branch?

Customer Interaction will change. The process of identification and security will be automated with cameras and biometric identification making the customer search screen a thing of the past. Sensors will identify the customer behavior to determine whether it is a good opportunity to cross sell or it is better to complete the customer interaction quickly. Each branch design can be configured based on the ongoing analysis of customer reaction, continually being refined at a local level. Intelligent devices will enable human interaction analysis that can be used to trial and validate other channel innovation in mobile/ tablet.

Marketing will leverage enhanced situation awareness changing the lighting, music and marketing messages in the branch based on the number and type of people in the branch or even based on the weather.

Built Environment management complexity is increasing with more devices and branches with fewer or even no staff. The Internet of Things can automate building, device and display management. Information from IoT devices will reduce energy costs, optimize the use of less space and analyze employee activity to enhance branch layout.

Management Controls will be increasingly available real-time, alerting the manager when there are queues in the branch, a device is being tampered with or the vault is open.

The Internet of Things could even tell you if a customer has a pacemaker before you tell them their account balance! What will it change in your branches?