Sweet Smell of Branch Success

  • June, 2014

When you want to sell your property, you buy fresh cut flowers and brew a pot of coffee. When you go to the supermarket you are greeted by the inviting smell of a bakery. Companies like Nike have shown that adding scents to their stores increases the intent to purchase by 80% . Should your branches have a signature scent?

The science.

The association between scent and emotion has a cultural dependency influenced by geography, demographic, ethnicity etc. There is not a single 'right answer'; scent is another way to differentiate your brand from the increasingly commoditized financial service offering.

The choices.

Lavender is calming and stress free. Linen is crisp and tranquil. Cinnamon creates a trusting and homely warm feel. Vanilla and amber induce warmth and comfort. Citrus notes tend to make people feel upbeat and happy. Leather and tobacco call to mind luxury and trust. Rosemary and peppermint make people feel more alert and sharp and improve cognition and problem solving. Chamomile is believed to relieve anger!

The desired emotion?

Do you know what emotional reaction you are trying to achieve in your branch interaction? Trusted & traditional? New & Fresh?

Your customers have 5 senses, some may even claim to have 6! The self service channels enable you to connect with them through sight and hearing. To access the senses of smell or taste and touch requires the human interaction touch point that the branch delivers. Can that human interaction be maximized any more at the branch?