Branch Innovation, Delivered

  • August, 2017
  1. Web Applications
  2. Automating Cash management
  3. Proactive sales

3. Proactive sales opportunity prompts for users to increase sales though:

  • Engaging with customers on targeted and appropriate sales products
  • Improving customer relationships
  • Increasing staff productivity and efficiency
  • Enabling branch staff to play outbound sales roles
  • Plugging in AI bots
  • Unleashing power of CRM at the branch with Integration to existing CRM and Campaign tools
  • Automating activity tracking for accurate management reporting and task management
Antuar inBranch Engage allows product owners generate business rules to qualify customers or connect to campaign tools, and prompts the branch users when a customer is identified (beacon, queues, or when identified at the 'teller line')

2. Automating Cash management through branch applications' business processes gives rise to efficiency and cost saving by:

  • Yielding more accurate cash positions
  • Creating more time for staff to deal with customers and make sales rather than counting cash
  • Reducing cash handling errors and time spent finding discrepancies
  • Creating more security on the branch floor
  • Increasing flexibility in branch layouts with shared and remote devices
Antuar inBranch Transact business processes are pre-integrated to cash recyclers and cash dispenser, and also provides in built Check scanning and processing logic to the US Check21 standards

1. Web Applications (Browser/ tablet based) allow for branch flexibility and significant cost savings by:

  • Removing the need for branch servers and network complexity
  • Reducing costs and overheads for network hardware and software
  • Deploying from the cloud and the possibility for DevOps
  • Simplifying and speeding up any application update roll out to the users (hours rather than days)
  • Providing more flexible in branch configuration options
  • Providing network diversity with the same application (hub/satellite, cash/cashless, automation/no automation, service/transaction)
  • Removing the need for customer interaction to be in a stationary location - using tablets
  • Enabling customer visits and engagement using same application e.g. visiting a business customer
Antuar implements inBranch using Java Open standards with no embedded proprietary technology that runs in a browser on client machines.